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MS by Sweden Food bag stor svart

MS by Sweden Food bag stor svart

899 SEK

Our MS by Sweden meal prep bags are designed to keep every athlete organized and prepared so they can focus on training hard, eating right, and traveling fit.

If your life is sports, our bags is for you. When you live a fast-paced life with a schedule that’s packed, the typical sports bags just won’t work.

You have tournaments to attend, games to play, and the competition to dominate – how will you find the time to eat every meal your super active day requires?

With MS by Sweden’s 6 meal duffel bag, you can carry your body’s energy fuel (aka nutritious food), all your gear, and two of your fav shakers.

With our more compact 4 meal bag you can easily bring with you your everyday needs to work, school or in the car.

Eating right is a way of life. To succeed at creating the body of your dreams, you must be dedicated to your diet.

How do you do it? Through MS by Sweden meal management bags of course!

Our insulated lunch bags ensure that no matter where you are – kicking ass at the gym, office, or on the road – you’ll always have a fresh, healthy meal with you.

Do you want to repeat your failures over and over? Don’t give your diet the attention it deserves.

Do you want to kick ass and take names in every single arena? Then use our meal management bags so your meal prep can fuel you everywhere you go.

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